Ownlife 013

Rune Bagge: No Tomorrow - Ownlife 013

 Rune Bagge's new 4 track EP out at your favorite record dealers, from the description on Ownlife:

Soundtracking the irrevocable present and proceeding into a new episode in the Ownlife’s chronicles, with the characteristic uncertainty gaze of this generation. Copenhagen based producer Rune Bagge, a member of the Fast Forward collective, makes his first appearance on the imprint.
As shown in previous releases, the versatile producer enters the spot light with four tracks full of textures, diversity in tonal nuances and different levels of profoundness.
This record exudes melancholic elements from IDM’s golden era in combination with the actual sound design of the dance oriented techno, making this debut a perfect beginning for this pleasant collaboration between the artist and the musical platform. Going together towards new crossovers in the “no tomorrow”.

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