Previews: Fast Forward Support Compilation For Together We Push Compilation


?In recent years governments all over Europe have lurched to the right, not least here in Denmark. Amongst a long list of new racist and xenophobic legislation – and as the neo-fascist Rasmus Paludan establishes his new party and is given government-funded protection for year-long hate-speach tours in areas with large Muslim populations – the Danish government is running several incarceration camps to hold rejected refugees. Living conditions in the camps are inhumane, children in them are being denied access to education, and according to humanitarian organisations many of the people held in them are showing signs of severe and increasing distress and mental illness.
Fighting against this shameful injustice is a growing movement called Together WE PUSH, which is dedicated to buying and delivering high-quality food and other necessities to the incarcerated families at the SJÆLSMARK camp, as well as organising events for the children there. Together We Push is comprised of a massive network of volunteers and is able to operate thanks to financial contributions from private citizens, support parties and fundraising initiatives.

?Together We Push gather volunteers and funds from their social media sites:

?The following Fast Forward artists have contributed tracks to a forthcoming digital compilation album, 100% of the proceeds from which will be donated to Together We Push to help support their amazing work. The album will be released on 2nd september, and can be purchased at:

Mastered by Joel Krozer Image removed.
Artwork by Lukas Højlund Image removed.

?Previews available now at:

?Sugar - Intet Menneske Er Illegalt
?Lasse Vind - Huy
?Funeral Future - Transfer Window
?DJ Ibon - Sunray
?Schacke - Price Of Compassion
?Repro - Do It Anyway
?Rune Bagge - Glo
?Ezy - First They Came For Our Brothers
?Lund&Rønde - 2970