New artist added to roster - Rachel Noon

Today, we are were excited to announce our dear friend as the newest member of the Fast Forward family - Rachel Noon!

As demonstrated by a bold move from Brooklyn to Berlin mid-pandemic, Rachel Noon is as fearless as they come. Now, her technically-deft skill set is recognized on both sides of the Atlantic, and her fresh sound—characterized by unbroken energy, percussive groove, and tireless rave-inducing selections—is attracting as much attention online as in the club. As Resident Advisor recently proclaimed: "Now this is how you mix techno.”

Despite her increasing acclaim in Europe, Noon attributes her most important career strides to Brooklyn’s underground queer scene. Her long-term residency at Unter after-hours resulted in an extraordinarily salient community of friends and like-minded peers. Founding the roaming event series Large Marge back in 2017, she’s since expanded it into an internationally-reaching platform, with regular showcases at Hör Berlin and beyond. And yet, even more exciting Large Marge plans still remain in the works.

A steadfast dancefloor devotee, Noon has been called “equal parts DJ and rave spirit.”

Bookings at anders@fastforwardcopenhagen.com