New artist added to roster - Mohajer

We are thrilled to present the newest member of the Fast Forward family, who will also join our Bassiani showcase this Friday - please welcome Mohajer

Hailing from Gothenberg, the Swedish-born DJ has been playing for over a decade and has spent the past nine years honing her high-energy sound in Berlin. Mohajer's dynamic sets—at Kyiv’s ∄, Berlin’s Mess and Mala Junta, and Endurance and Fast Forward in Copenhagen—demonstrate her intellectual appreciation of music, fusing old school and groove with hard-hitting techno, and the innate appreciation for sexy percussion she attributes to her Persian roots.

Mohajer is also the co-founder and resident of queer and BIPOC-focussed party series, MP3, which aims to bring a sense of intimacy back to Berlin’s underground scene.