In response to the horrifying invasion taking place in Ukraine, we have decided to release the debut EP of the new duo by Sugar & Peachlyfe “Ultra Harmonizer - A Different Kind Of Beast”.
It will be released on our Fast Forward Fundraiser label to create immediate funds for the Ukrainian people.

This EP was initially set to be released around early summer, but as we are sitting here, hundreds of kilometers away, watching with agony and shock about what is happening, we need to act in the best way possible.
As artists with limited political influence and minimal resources to make a big difference, in a full-scale invasion like what we see in Ukraine, the least thing we can do is to utilize our abilities and music to contribute here and now.

Now more than ever, it is time for solidarity with the Ukrainian people and not leave them to their fate, while Russia is violently breaking international laws and creating a state of war in the region.
We all have to put pressure on our local governments, create public awareness, provide donations, and shelter the refugees fleeing the country.

All proceeds from this EP will be donated to ∄ Community Fund (https://k41community.fund/)
This also applies to the existing three compilations already available and the future one coming out in August.
This EP is 6€ minimum or pay what you can above this; all amounts are greatly appreciated.

You can also donate to the organization directly or many others on the links below:

Released February 27, 2022

Ultra Harmonizer is Sugar & Peachlyfe.

A Different Kind Of Beast EP was made during summer 2021, departing from the straightforward dancefloor sound they both are known for and into new and unknown territories.

Stem Mastering: Six Bit Deep
Cover: Lukas Højlund