Fast Forward Fundraiser Compilation 3

We are excited to finally announce the 3rd edition of our Fast Forward Fundraiser Compilation series.

The compilation will be available for download via our webshop on the 25th of August 2021.

Available for listening now at:

We are still focusing on fundraising for these releases, so 100% of proceeds from sales from all compilations will be going to TransAktion, which is an organisation whose purpose is to improve trans people’s health, rights and well-being in Denmark.

You can find more information on their work on the links below:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TransAktion
Instagram: www.instagram.com/transaktionnu/

The following Fast Forward artists have contributed tracks to this digital compilation:

Funeral Future - Waving In The Current
DJ Tool - Puzzle Box
Ultra Harmonizer - First Things First
Ezy - Treetrap Woodshrap
Peachlyfe - Bad Grl
Schacke - Precursor To A New Existence
Repro - Ghostboy
Rune Bagge - floofnoodles
Sugar - Porest Gump

Mastered by Joel Krozer at Six Bit Deep
Artwork and graphics by Whrikk