Changes to artist roster

We in Fast Forward Productions have of 10/12/2019 decided to part ways with 8 of our artists: Ida Engelhardt, Dj Ibon, Lund&Rønde, Lasse Vind, Troels Hass, Kristian Andersen, Sella Turcica, due to practical reasons of non-hostile character, and with no bad blood between us whatsoever.

We have had the best 4 years with parties, Dj-sets, and friendship through this musical journey, and we wish these artists and dear friends all the best in the future ❤️

From this day, these artists can be contacted on booking@bunkerbauer.dk or via directly their social media pages/emails.

Fast Forward Agency will continue to function with the remaining roster, and with an increased focus on the individual, to ensure a healthy and sustainable artist growth.