DJ Tool

#27 DJ Tool

With the newest mix, we also present a new artist to the Fast Forward family, DJ Tool ! With his roots deep in the Copenhagen DIY music scene Joachim Palsby, aka DJ TOOL, has been playing and collecting different music for more than a decade. After many years of playing punk, metal and electronic noise music, he slowly developed an interest in techno and trance. For years he has been roaming the international dance floors as a loyal dancer, and ended up behind the booth with the skills of all vinyl Djing. DJ TOOL is a classic example of a DJ that merges directly from the floor to the booth. He is the Co-organizer and resident DJ of Mala Junta. Mala Junta is a smaller intimate party with focus on old school, faster and harder techno and trance that is merging in Berlin. The party quickly became among Berlins most recognized parties for its special music profile. His sets are an authentic and always well executed blend of sexy techno and gloomy trance. The sound is old-school, hard and fast but always funky and uplifting. With a passion and expertise in longer sets, his closings are highly recommended.